Todos Santos means “All Saints” and is one of 36 unique Mexican towns to be designated a Pueblo Magico, or magic town for its natural beauty, cultural riches or historic relevance.  It is a small Mexican coastal town in Baja California and is known for its many galleries, the slow pace of life, and stunning beaches. Located on an aquifer, this is an Oasis with unmatched beauty anywhere else. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the routine and stay in a beautiful town and enjoy the most stunning sunsets on deserted beaches, don’t think twice about visitng our beautiful town. 

There is entertainment and excitement here for people of all ages. You can rent ATVs or 4-Wheelers for the entire family, or go horseback riding. For those who want more quiet exercise, there is a lagoon you can make a day hike to with a natural spring at the top with absolutely breathtaking views. 

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